I want to go home

Tabir Khaizuran 20.38 |

... After punch card

Stiff pen fingers frozen
characters began to harden
inspiration passed by.

... After lunch

Faster time intercepts, try to kill me
itself remains stationary
the faint breath.

... Boss come belly roll

Silence is not the answer
pounced on the question of mind
solution to the problem, where?

... View the face of the clock

Eased hearts got knock
I want to go home.

Tabir Khaizuran
DCA Subang

p/s : saya budak noobie..sila ajar saya..
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Let me

Tabir Khaizuran 20.37 | ,

When I want to say goodbye
your eyes start to verbalize
your warm embrace embedded in my chest
as yet.
Dads, loosen up my handshake
if me back
we collect the memories
just for once, dad smile please
for my lunch the next day.

1750 13012011

Tabir Khaizuran
DCA Subang
p/s: newbie mintak tunjuk ajar
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